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“we’re , , ready to go back to . We like , people, good and with friends and family.

We ❤️Life!”                                                                        Posted as bio in @nyseniortimes

That’s true! We are a huge workforce wasted away: senior citizens, or people 55+.

The laws protect minorities: black, gays, disabled, Indians, even women that can be of any of these other categories too; but there’s no such a thing as “you have to have a percentage of employees of the senior group.”

Silhuetas duoThey stimulate companies to have a small percentage of these other groups as employees.
We need a law towards increasing the hiring of seniors (55+) to the work force.

They are amazing workers, very skilled, mature, and most of the time very dedicated to their jobs.

Contrary to the “millennium” group, they most likely will not get married again and have kids, demanding time off, and some of them have already been retired, and will have their own life insurance.

Yes they can work just for couple year only- but you would be surprised by their life expectations in nowadays of vitamins and supplement.

Yes, they one day can die; so can we all…

Formal companies with formal way of hiring are discouraging, with its long processes and in generally, bored employees that most likely think: “why this person wants to go back to work.

We need new vision, new approaches, and a new view of an old problem: that’s all is necessary.

People need to understand two very important things: one, the senior employee will bring with him/her a lot of experience and knowledge, that’s enriching for any company. In the other hand, working people can afford their own expenses, which should alleviate a lot the burden of government support and session 8, Medicaid, seniors programs of assistance in general.

We need people to open the mind and start talking, not matter what generation you are now, because if you are a luck person, you also will grow old to see your kids and grand kids. Should it happen with proud and comfort?

check here or here


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