Senior Centers – where they are

From the Department of the Aging we get these information:

If you have the preconception that senior centers are not for you, pay a visit to your local center and judge for yourself! Not only are senior centers a home away from home for many older New Yorkers, they offer an exciting variety of activities.

Exercise activity at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center

Chances are, whatever’s on the agenda on any particular day, the center will be bustling. What’s more, should you need information about senior benefits or services for seniors in your community, the center’s friendly staff will be glad to help you. And if you just want to relax with good friends over a game of cards or cup of coffee, well, pull up a chair! Being with friends is the best part of attending a center!

Locate a Senior Center near you

Looking for free exercise classes, a walking club, a discussion group where you can talk about the issues that concern you as a senior, a blood pressure monitoring program? Join a center that offers one or more of DFTA’s Health Promotion Programs.

Centers offering DFTA Health Promotion Programs

Stay Well Exercises (in PDF)
Walking Clubs (in PDF)
Alert and Alive Discussion Groups (in PDF)
Blood Pressure Monitoring (in PDF)

Centers Serving Special Populations

The SAGE Center for LGBT Older Adults is a citywide center tailored specifically to meet the needs of LGBT persons 60 years of age and older. It offers a wide range of activities, including health and wellness, cultural programs and lifelong education. Hot meals are available daily. The center is located in a brand-new facility at 305 Seventh Avenue, 15th Floor. Call 212-741-2247.

Read more on The Sage Center for LGBT Older Adults
VISIONS at Selis Manor Senior Center is a citywide center specifically designed to engage blind or visually impaired older persons in social, health and educational activities. The Center also offers hot meals and benefits counseling. VISIONS Senior Center is located at 135 West 23rd Street. Call 212-486-444, ext. 16.

Read more on VISIONS at Selis Manor Senior Center

Both SAGE and VISIONS have been designated Innovative Senior Centers.

Senior Center Bill of Rights

All senior centers must post and honor a Senior Center Bill of Rights that includes rights to participation in programs and governance, confidential treatment of personal information, and freedom from discrimination in violation of the human rights law of the City of New York. It also includes the right to be offered a nutritious meal during the scheduled meal service, to make a voluntary, anonymous financial contribution to the center’s programming, to present grievances and to be treated courteously, fairly and respectfully.

Read the Senior Center Bill of Rights (English) (in PDF)
Read the Senior Center Bill of Rights (Spanish) (in PDF)
Read the Senior Center Bill of Rights (Chinese) (in PDF)


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